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Get Ready for a lucrative career in User Experience Design

Kickstart your career in UX Design with our 3 month course

Gain a valuable skillset that will elevate your work, influence product decisions, and create delightful experiences for your users.

Join our Three-Month UX Design Course, tailored for non-designers working in tech companies. In today's competitive digital landscape, UX design is vital for success. This comprehensive course equips you with essential skills, even if you come from a non-design background.

Led by our experienced industry veteran, the course offers a hands-on learning experience. Weekend classes accommodate your busy schedule while immersing you in UX design for three months.

Whether you're a developer, product manager, or marketer, this course empowers you to effectively understand and apply UX design principles. By embracing UX design, you'll gain a valuable perspective that elevates your work, influences product decisions, and creates delightful user experiences.

What will you learn in the workshop?



User Research

Design Presentation

UX Strategy

Design Best Practices

You'll delve into key aspects of UX design, including user research, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, and usability testing. Real-world projects and exercises ensure practical application. Collaborate with peers, receive personalized feedback, and refine your design skills.

Beyond technical skills, we explore empathy and a user-centered mindset. By embracing these principles, you'll gain a competitive edge in delivering resonant products and services.

Upon completion, receive a recognized certificate, enhancing your professional profile and unlocking exciting career opportunities in UX design.




Hours Of In Person Classes


Hours of assignments

Design Portfolio

Live Projects

Interactive Sessions

Peer presentations

Fee Options


About the Mentor

Navin Harish

Meet Navin Harish, an esteemed UX design coach with over two decades of experience in renowned companies worldwide. With a proven track record of working with prestigious clients across the globe, Navin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his coaching sessions. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, Navin's guidance will empower you to excel in UX design. Join his transformative coaching program and unlock your full potential in the dynamic field of user experience.

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